We live in a world in transition where the urban domain continually bridges and interweaves the zones between nature and culture. Inspired by the architecture and its structural shapes, these body pieces are to be seen as portable architecture. Both architecture and jewellery are concerned with the appreciation of material, the ability to organise information and how humans function within their environments. These jewellery pieces are to be conceived as “dynamic structures” between the built environment and the immediate needs. These pieces are transformed from a two-dimensional plane façade into a three-dimensional spatial zone, into wearable structures. I am interpreting the a „transpleatables“ as a moving form, a moveable architecture, that enclose and protect the urban human being. Every piece is structured in terms of modules and layering . In that way they can be rearranged to the human´s needs. Incorporated in the design are a range of cultural influences as well as space travel, which we face in our daily lifes. In the end the wearer is provided with a high-calibre elegance and even a sense of refuge.
I picked one particular pleat to show the architectural variety. The simple panels are supported by the body and act like a façade. These façades are extended across the architectural framework- the body. They play with the body´s contours and the boundaries of the body. The panels are adjustable and can vary positions as the seasons change. The soft layering creates a textile environment as well as a fluid structure. The geometry is used to plot something two-dimensionally and make a flat pattern that will have three-dimensional proportions. My aim is to anticipate a future lifestyle with my adornments that is already a part of contemporary visual culture.

Photographer: Dominic Tschudin