The objects which surround us in our daily life are seen, categorized, abstracted, generalized and interpreted. Simply spoken we separate them into their individual characteristics in order to aid our perception of them. These individual elements are then combi-ned to a harmonious whole, revealing the overall shape. Objects come alive for us through their shape, surface finish and color.
My intent is to arouse curiosity with my work. Curiosity which encourag-es us to interact with and develop a relationship to the object. Combining recognizable shapes with a newly created material further stirs our perception.

The term raw cut originally refers to the world of fashion. It means to leave the ends of a piece of clothing as it is, in order to reach a natural appearance. Through this material the work is linked back to fashion. The multi-colored plates consist of different pieces of clothing, which are literally shredded into their elements and pressed to a dense sheet.

This work is not about finding a solution to a problem but rather to create an atmosphere, a feeling. It is not about perfection, but about the process and its individual steps. It is a play with the here and now, the instant.

raw cut deals with basic shapes and patterns of objects, recognizable yet new surface treatments and their overall aesthetics and perception.
The material made of shredded used clothing was developed by myself 
with the help of Prof. Dr. Andreas 
Michanickl and Siegfried Lechner of the University for Applied Sciences, Wood Technology, Rosenheim, Germany.

Photographer: Gabriel Wiesler