In collaboration with fashion designer Alexa Pollmann.

A monogram honours itself of personal merrit and we most commonly use single letters for it. The clothes of monogram tell a story. They are not primarily thougth to be fashionable but invite to experimentalize with the subject of clothing. The experience and understanding of the person who wears them is of major concern.
Patterns of the monogram are borrowed from the strict forms of an alphabet
and hence create the asthethic basis of the collection. All shaping characteristics of the human body are disregarded in the concept. The hard-edged letters melt to curves and counters widen to neck-holes when worn on the body. Readability turns into wearability. When clothes were unfolded, the letters become visible. My work was basically to create accessoires which help the wearer to attach individually the clothes to the body. Therefore I designed braces, belts, buttons, a shoulder-piece and a footpiece.

Photographer: Oliver Wrobel